At DVPS, we foster an educational environment that emphasizes individual attention, self-esteem and personal responsibility. The emphasis is also given on the all round development of the students. Traditional methods are employed in inculcating moral and ethical values in the students. The academics are taught with a modern approach. The students are made aware of the practical applications of the subjects taught.

The students are also encouraged to air their ideas and views. Free and easy student-teacher interaction is a unique feature at DVPS. The comprehensively planned school campus has spacious buildings, sprawling grounds, courts, and many more amenities which cover all aspects of training and conditioning. DVPS has small classes with individual attention given to each student. Also a strong core curriculum and the opportunity to learn in a fun-filled, relaxed atmosphere using modern technology.


At DVPS, our aim is to make every class, every lesson an adventure. The supportive environment at DVPS will help a child achieve his best.




10 100% I Did
9 90% I Will
8 80% I Can
7 70% I Think I Can
6 60% I Might
5 50% I Think I Might
4 40% What Is It?
3 30% I Wish I Could
2 20% I Don't Know How!
1 10% I Can't
Tiny Tots 0% I Won't

child who has found the whole process of learning significant, supportive, stimulating and satisfying is bound to feel a sense of accomplishment.