The success in life and career depends increasingly upon the development of a global perspective. Schools not providing an international outlook and interaction with students from various countries, cannot provide an in-depth international experience. Doon Valley Public School offers an ideal opportunity to interact with students from various parts of the world and gain international advantage.

DVPS has been conceived as an answer to the growing need for a world-class residential school. DVPS offers a comprehensive learning environment, with personal freedom, and the richness of non-academic activities. For a child, this translates into:

Adventure in the classroom

Making learning significant by helping fuel new insights and understanding.

Creating a supportive ”go for it“ environment.

Stimulate thought and healthy excitement that sets the stage for the ”Aha‘!“ of learning.

Encouraging the natural joy of mastering new skills and concepts.

Sports and recreation

Providing a range of sports and recreation facilities that hold the interest of the contemporary child.

Preparing children for life after school

Practical knowledge, self-reliance and independence through learning routine chores. In a nutshell, DVPS aims at providing a complete and contemporary educational experience for the contemporary child, preparing him for a successful life in a contemporary world.

The DVPS Scholarship Scheme

The DVPS Scholarship scheme is available to deserving students, and is need and merit-based. Merit is determined by a combination of the transcripts provided during the application process and through an interview with both the child and the parent.